Catholic Family History Society Print Publications

The Registers of the Venetian Chapel in London

Baptisms 1744 – 1796 and Marriages 1744 – 1754 and 1772 – 1788. Includes an index to names. 84 pages.

The Registers of the Neapolitan Chapel, London. Also the Registers of the Imperial Chapel, London

Neapolitan Chapel 1765 – 1855.
Imperial Chapel 1764 – 1820.
Contains an index to names. 92 pages.

The Bishops’ Register of Confirmations in the Midland District of the Catholic Church in England.

The Bishops’ Register of Confirmations in the London District of the Catholic Church in England

Both these publications are now out of print. They are now available as a scanned PDF. Please see Catholic Family History Society CD/DVD-ROM Publications page for details. 

The Burial Register of St. Mary Moorfields, London

1819 – 1853. Includes an index to names. 227 pages.

The Register of the Benedictine Schools for Girls at Ghent, Preston, Caverswall, and Oulton

1624 – 1969. The contents of the registers are presented in alphabetical order of the students’ names. Entries often include details of parents, other relations and brief biographical details. 120 pages.


3 thoughts on “Catholic Family History Society Print Publications”

  1. Sue Chatterton said:

    My father attended St Francis Xaviour Convent School for Girls in Grimsby 1939 I am trying to find records of this any ideas?

  2. Hi Sue, you could try writing as the convent is still there apparently (you can find references through Google) – Sisters Of St Joseph Of Peace, 97 Abbey Rd, Grimsby, DN32 0HN. Although you should note that records of events in the last hundred years may still be closed to public enquiry.

  3. Looking forward to both Bishops’ Register of Confirmations becoming available again. They could solve a few puzzles

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