This bo551304ok describes how the worshipping community developed around the small Benedictine cell established in the grounds of Lytham Hall, was pastored in Penal times and beyond by Jesuits on the English Mission and by priests of the Northern Vicariate, until the 1829 Catholic Emancipation Act created the climate which allowed Fr Walmsley to set up the present church on Clifton Street. The ensuing 175 years have seen 8 parish priests, a large number of curates and assistant priests, 3 permanent deacons and two congregations of religious sisters working to support the Catholics of Lytham. However, this book is more than the story of a building or a history of priests: it is the story of how we and our ancestors have lived our Catholic Faith in response to the varied challenges of these times, with lay people playing an ever greater role.

The book can be purchased from the website of St Peter’s RC Church, Lytham.