Sylvia brought this book by Brother Rory to my attention.

From the jacket:

The establishment of a De La Salle Bothers’ school in Perth [Australia] in the 1860s was part of the missionary thrust by the Catholic Church throughout the world during that century. It also coincided with the influx of religious congregations of men and women to Australia which established a system of education, health and social services that continues to the present day.

This study tells the story of two men who left Europe for a better life in America. There they became Brothers of the Christian Schools and set out to establish and conduct good schools in India and South East Asia. Eventually they arrived in Australia where they became pioneers of Catholic secondary education for boys in the colony of Western Australia. Using extensive archival resources, the study investigates the product of personality, prayer and partnership in moulding men and institutions; some of which were highly successful.

Sylvia’s comments:

There are lots of illustrations; some family background of Br. Bothiam, a German, and Br Amphian, an Irishman; background history of the era and the trials of being ahead of their time in education in developing recognizably modern and enlightened methods. There are 344 pages.

HIGGINS, Rory, FSC.  Botthian and Amphian, De La Salle Brothers in Australia 1864-1867, published by De La Salle Brothers District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea 2011