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Saint Michael's Abbey Church

Saint Michael’s Abbey Church

The Catholic National Library has over 70,000 books, pamphlets and periodicals including theology, spirituality and related subjects, biography, history (including Catholic Family History), and many works not freely available elsewhere. The library has a website where details of services and opening hours can be found. There is a very useful online catalogue.

Of particular interest to family historians is the collection of Mission Register transcripts dating back to 1694. These are typescripts on loan from the Catholic Family History Society. N.B. Some of these have now been published by the CFHS as data disks (see the list here)

The collection started life in 1912 and from 1997 the library (known as the Catholic Central Library) was located in Lancing Street, London and you may see references to this name and location in older books and magazines. When the lease ran out the library was without a home. However thanks to the Abbot of St Michael’s Abbey, Farnborough and the Empress Eugenie Memorial Trust which own the assets of the Abbey, the entire Library is now housed in its precincts under the new name of the Catholic National Library.