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IMG_5239-e1336388897142-225x300It isn’t strictly related to Catholic Family History but Pam Fontana brought this website to my attention www.laceforstudy.org.uk. This illustrates what many of your ancestors may have worn (mainly the females), covering lace edgings, collars, cuffs, headpieces etc., from the early 1700s to the late 1900s. There are at present some 1000 illustrations, and each can be enlarged twice giving a better view than is possible in any museum. There are also illustrations of domestic items your forebears may have used; also some alb cuffs and alb flounces, and altar frontals. There are details of each piece, such as the dimensions, period, last use, with in some cases, the re-use from a much earlier period. There is an index, and specific items can be searched for.

You might like to know more about the Alb Flounces. Many of these are mid-18th century, as these pieces were used until Vatican II when the priests were finally released from the obligation to use the existing ones, as cared for by the nuns, and could spend parish money on the simpler ones normally used today. There are four included so far, and I would draw your attention to item 932, a Filet (netting) convent made work, done in Malta in the mid-19th century, and with wonderful iconography.