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I recently posted about Latin used in marriage registers. The good news is that the baptismal registers that I have seen are quite a bit easier to understand as they are in tabular form. The image below is from St. Mary’s in Wigan in 1835 – if you click on it it should expand so that you can see the column headings. These are (with my translation):

  1. Tempus Natus – Date of Birth
  2. Tempus Baptismatis – Date of Baptism
  3. Nomina – Name
  4. Filius vel Filia – Son or Daughter
  5. Nomina Parentum – Name of Parents
  6. Conjugum vel non Conjugum – Married or not married
  7. Nomina Patrinorum – Names of the Sponsors
  8. A me Misso Apco – I (the) Apostolic Missionary

We have the same abbreviation in the last column that I couldn’t translate in the marriage register. I’m pretty sure now that it means Apostolic Missionary. Parishes were not established until quite late and so the priest would be serving at a mission.

So this type of register is much easier to understand. Note that first names are in Latin and so again there can be uncertainty over James/Jacob etc. Another word that you will see is ‘olim’ in the Nomina Parentum column next to the mother’s name. This word means once and so gives the mother’s maiden name.

In column 4 this priest put a line ‘-‘ to indicate a daughter and in column 6 he put a cross ‘+’ to indicate that the parents were married and a line ‘-‘ if they were not.